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Provide the latest evidence-based care for your asthma patients, conveniently and effectively through your EMR

Integration into your clinical workflow

The eAMS is seamlessly integrated with the EMR (electronic medical record system) - no separate login is required.

Guideline-based advice

After analyzing your patient's asthma control and medication use (through a pre-visit electronic patient questionnaire), our algorithms present you with computerized decision support recommendations for any required medication changes, based on current evidence in asthma guidelines.

Time Savings

All clinician actions take place in an efficient 5-screen decision support workflow complimented by an automatically generated chart note which documents actions and decisions.

Empower patients to self-manage

Our system leverages patient-entered data to produce a personalized asthma action plan for each patient - an evidence-based intervention which empowers patients to self-manage asthma flares, thereby reducing urgent visits.

Built by users, with published proof of effectiveness

The eAMS was developed by family physicians, for family physicians. In over 10 years of development, more than 20 peer-reviewed publications supporting the eAMS have been published, including research demonstrating significant improvements in quality of care in busy real-world practices.