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Personalized asthma guidance for patients and healthcare providers, instantly and at the point of care

Our Story

The eAMS was developed by a group of researchers at the University of Toronto in collaboration with patients, family doctors, asthma educators, and respiratory specialists. In over a decade of work, each part of the system was carefully and systematically designed, built, and tested. Over 20 scientific articles related to the eAMS have been published along the way. Finally, in a clinical study, the eAMS was proven to significantly improve patient care in real-world family practice clinics.

Our Technology

Our system engages patients with asthma to complete a pre-visit questionnaire through our web portal or app, and processes this information to give providers guideline-based advice personalized to each individual patient, through easy-to-use prompts built into their electronic medical record system. The eAMS also creates a self-management solution called an asthma action plan, which patients can access through their app or web portal anytime, anywhere. This empowers patients to self-manage their asthma, improving their symptoms and helping them to avoid asthma flare-ups and urgent healthcare visits.


How Does the eAMS Work?

Partners and Funders

The eAMS was developed and tested without any private industry funding.