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Increase the efficiency and productivity of your clinical appointment

Complete a simple asthma questionnaire on any device or computer prior to your appointment to save your healthcare provider time, freeing up more time to discuss what matters most to you.

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Information from your asthma questionnaire is used to send your provider tailored recommendations to improve your asthma management, according to latest asthma research and guidelines.

View your personalized self-management asthma action plan from anywhere and at anytime

An asthma action plan is your personalized guide to managing your asthma, prepare by your healthcare provider. It describes how to take your medications to keep your asthma under control, and how you can manage asthma flare-ups by yourself. It has been scientifically proven to reduce symptoms as well as urgent care and hospital visits, and to improve quality of life.

Please note that this feature is only available if your healthcare provider uses the eAMS. If they are not an eAMS user, you can recruit them by showing them this information page.

Benefit from Educational Features

Learn more about your asthma and your medications with our helpful educational modules, including a glossary of terms, a decision aid, and puffer technique videos.

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If your healthcare provider is not currently using the eAMS, you can show them this information page.